Your are an artist?
You want to boost your art visibility?
You want to focus on the work you love
While living the life you want ?
Let’s work together

Shake Your Art

You are starting as an artist...

or you are already established and you want to up-level
your art business?

You want to boost your visibility,

to connect with your audience and boost your sales?

You want to feel supported,

motivated and confident about the direction you take while achieving a great balance in your life?

But you feel overwhelmed,

you don’t know where to start? Or you don’t have the time to think about a proper communication strategy to implement?

Smart Color Packs

To help you achieve your goals and make your art business move forward on your terms,
I have defined the step-by-step Smart Color Programs.

Smart Blue Pack
Smart Blue Pack

A one month pass to get you started online

You want to get maximum exposure on-line and grow your art business, taking advantage of the social media and the web opportunities?

Smart Orange Pack
Smart Orange Pack

A 4 to 6 month pass to get you up & running

You want to work closely with a professional, to define and set-up the strategy and the tools you need to accelerate success in your art business?

Smart Green Pack
Smart Green Pack

A full range of services A la Carte to get you flying

You want to tackle specific topics, draw up a customized action plan and/or develop a relationship with someone who can really help you up-level your art business?

How it works

only one interlocutor
to manage all you need to improve your visibilty

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