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My Art is to make
Yours visible

Who am I?

Take a shaker, mix a sense of humor, a zest of enthusiasm, add a pinch of versatile and perfectionist spirit, excellent interpersonal skills and a strong taste for discovery and diversity. Sprinkle with a touch of artistic sensibility and you will get the cocktail of my personality!

This is how my project ShakeyourArt came up!

From marketing…

After my Master’s Degree in Management in Paris, I moved to New York and started working in the marketing division of a famous Fragrance Company. I was studying consumers’ tastes, desires and expectations in order to guide marketing teams and inspire perfumers.

From new products to new fragrances, I was living in a fascinating world where senses, feelings and creativity were over-stimulated. I had the opportunity to continue this amazing adventure in other cities such as London and Paris.

To Art…

Then I met my husband and new professional opportunities led us to Bratislava, Warsaw, Brussels, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. During all those years, I kept on working as a freelance market research consultant and this flexibility in my schedule allowed me to combine both my professional and personal lives. It gave me the opportunity to pursue my hobbies and to express my artistic sensibility.

I took painting classes and I started photography, the activity which soon became more than a passion. Our expatriation in Rio was going to be crucial: I suddenly discovered an intense, colourful and contrasted world. I jumped into an amazing sensorial and artistic experience.

All those new feelings dragged me even more into photography and I got a photographer’s professional degree. It gave me the opportunity to meet many artists from differents countries, and it is quite naturally that my project came up.

There is only a step!

Talking with those artists, I noticed that they are above all creators, who are often passing up the web and social media opportunities available: focused on their art, they don’t have the time or the knowledge to promote themselves, they are not convinced yet about using it as a marketing tool or they are worried about people stealing their work.Too many of them are closing doors to amazing partnerships, potential buyers, galleries and curators.
This is the reason why I chose to put my marketing skills and my experience to their service.

I offer them to create their signature story that brings their true identity to light and to set-up a step-by-step social media marketing strategy to develop their visibility on the Web.

We also brainstorm and determine the best strategy to increase their art sales and take their art business to the next level on-line and otherwise  by developing strong communication tools: high quality photo shootings of their work and universe, relevant texts and articles to feed their content, business cards, flyers, brochures, catalogs etc….

If the artist needs a more extended support offline we can also discuss about promoting and representing his or her interests with galleries, dealers and curators.

My idea is to give the Artists the best tools to succeed on and offline, in an authentic way, while spending most of their time doing the job they love.

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