Smart Blue Pack

A one month pass to get you started online

• You want to get maximum exposure on-line and grow your art business, taking advantage of the social media and web opportunities?
• You are ready to invest your own time, setting-up your system and marketing your art on line?
• You want to make progress in a short period of time?

But you don’t know where to start?

This Smart Color Pack is for you. It will give you the foundations of your self-promotion, the steps you need to take to enhance your visibility and to connect with your target online with a long-lasting impact.

Your Pack Content

This package will be about YOU and your GOALS

I will be meeting you where you’re at and we will build a program suited to your objectives.

This pack will include:

Examining your professional and personal goals

what, when, where and how. The process of writing down your goals forces you to determine what you want, then you can take the steps necessary to get it.

Assessing your personal branding

to craft an unforgettable signature story that brings your identity and your message to light and which is truly aligned with your marketing material.

Understanding your uniquity

to define what makes you unique/valuable, who your target market is and how to best communicate to it.

Reviewing of your communication plan online, from the ground up

to assess its strengths and weaknesses and fill the gaps.

Defining a step-by-step program

to improve the effectiveness of your web tools and social media efforts and effectively move your business forward.

Suggesting new ideas to market your art online

to determine the best way to increase your art sales and take your art business to the next level.

How does it work


Complete the questionnaire on the contact page, to tell me about where you are at with your business and book a free appointment.


We both show up well prepared and get down to work immediately, using the following pattern to set up your communication system:

a. 3 one-on-one strategic call of 60 minutes to go over all the topics one step at a time (one call per week)

b. 1 follow-up call (60 minutes) to occur within 30 days to answer any questions you have and set up the next steps to keep you going

c. Privileged email conversations in-between sessions, to get answers to your questions and never get stuck


Tools & Worksheets carefully selected to review and complement our focus areas while taking you step-by-step through your implementation process


A written schedule of the steps to be taken for the following weeks.
You will receive it after the follow-up call to never feel overwhelmed, again and to be able to effectively manage your time.

The focus of Smart Blue Pack

will be on giving you the best tools to get you started online with the maximum efficacy.

During that time together, I will give you guidance to set-up all your tools and make sure you always feel supported, confident and clear about the next steps.

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