Smart Green Pack

A full range of services A la Carte to get you flying

• You want to tackle specific topics, draw up an action plan perfectly tailored to your needs, your priorities and your budget?
• You want to develop an extended relationship with someone who can really help you up-level your art business?

The toolbox
has been developed with a team of experts and includes a large range of services from project development, social media management, marketing tools and strategy, web designing, content writing, career assistance and management, networking with galeries, marketing options, events organization and much more…

Your toolbox content

Personal Branding & Uniquity assessment

• Crafting your storyline, aligned with your values and the message you want to send out to your audience
• Determining your unique value, your ideal audience, and how and where you can best communicate with it

Communication Strategy & Tools

• Identifying your goals, assessing your system and defining your customized overall communication strategy online and otherwise – to take you to success
• Setting-up your action plan for the following weeks with a one-step at a time approach
• Understanding how to manage and leverage social media to promote your career
• Writing effective documentations – biography, storyline, cover letter, press release….
• Creating/reviewing your marketing tools – logo, brochures, catalogs, postcards, business cards, flyers or other printed matter
• Developing high-quality Portfolios – to grab attention and make an impact

Record Keeping

• Optimizing your organization setting up methods, using new artist-friendly Technology tools- to set-up priorities, to keep track of your personal and professional documentations, to establish your mailing list and much more


• We can give you guidance, and train you to understand, develop, manage and execute all the tools and methods you need to give you confidence and boost your art business.


• Creating high quality Copy writing – stories that intrigue collectors and make sales online
• Developing stimulating visual content (professional photos of your art, of your creative process, and of yourself) – to make an impact and generate interest and engagement

Web services

• Updating or creating your website or blog – to make it more engaging and powerful
• Boosting your social media presence to better connect with your audience
• Improving your SEO – to get targeted traffic to your site
• Understanding your Web analytics – to get an insight into how the people that visit your website behave and how to communicate better to them

Short or long-term career management

• Overall Management – from implementing and monitoring your art business to managing any specific part you want to delegate
• Social media –Developing, optimizing and managing your system
• Copywriting – getting in tune with the topics and types of information that will hold your fans’ interest and grow your collectors’ base
• Photography services – from high quality photo shooting to selection of relevant and impactful pictures, and right-labeling to optimize your SEO
• Planning exhibitions and/or events
• Gallery relationships – from appropriate gallery selection to contracts and negotiations, pricing your work, percentages…
• Exploring new marketing ideas – to develop new partnerships, art licensing etc..

How does it work


Complete the questionnaire on the contact page, to tell me about where you are at with your business and book a free appointment.


We both show up on skype and we determine which areas you want/need to concentrate on, to achieve your goals and expand your business.

We’ll define the best action plan and package for you, according to what we have identified together.


If we feel we are a good match and we agree on the package, we can start working together and you will get:

a. A written schedule with our step-by-step plan of action for the following weeks

b. Access to tools & worksheets carefully selected to review and complement our focus areas, while taking you step-by-step

c. Privileged email conversations in-between sessions, to get answers to your questions and never get stuck

The focus of Smart Green Pack

Will be on working closely with you, to give you all you need on specific topics, to take your art business to success and live the life you have always dreamt of.

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