How it works

A 4-step Methodology

to feel fully understood and motivated by an art business expert
who will give you all the tools to up-level your art business.

1. Let’s Touch

1. Let’s Touch Base

Fill up the free on-line 5 min questionnaire to help me assess who you are, where you are and where you want to go to.

Then you can book a date to take action together.

2. Let’s Clarify

We plan a free 30 min session to help you articulate a vision for your business.

We’ll brainstorm and determine the Smart Color Pack that best fits your profile, your current communication and your goals.

2. Let’s Clarify
3. Let’s focus

3. Let’s Focus

Once we have agreed on a Smart Color Pack, we’ll be in the starting block.

I will give you a little bit of homework and we both show up well-prepared.

We will define a clear step-by-step, easy-to-set up strategy to grow your business in an authentic way.

I’ll always make sure that you have all the inspiration, support and tools at your disposal to move forward.

4. Let it Grow

Whatever path you decide to go you will always have the possibility to choose any Services A la Carte to get deeper into your communication according to your resources and priorities.

We’ll be always at your disposal to answer any questions you might have.

Contact me with your questions for a free session and we can get you what you need.

4. Let it Grow

For you/Not for you

The Smart Color Packs are for you if you are interested in:

• Defining a customised step-by-step communication strategy to maximize your presence on and off-line
• Connecting with your target and developing your business
• Implementing your own marketing tools and how to make the most out of them in the long-run
• Discovering new business opportunities to generate more sources of revenue
• Getting involved and willing to create contents over time
• More creative freedom and fufillment doing the job you love and living the life you want

This is not for you if :

• You want a solution to magically solve your problems and start making money overnight
• You are allergic to Internet & new technologies
• You don’t want neither to get involved at all neither to delegate – to connect with your target on-line you need to create an authentic relationship with it and share content on a regular basis. You’ll get out pretty much exactly what you put in.

Dedication is key to your success!

To help you achieve your goals and make your art business move forward on your terms
I have defined the step-by-step Smart Color Programs.

Smart Blue Pack
Smart Blue Pack

A one month pass to get you started online

You want to get maximum exposure on-line and grow your art business, taking advantage of the social media and the web opportunities?

Smart Orange Pack
Smart Orange Pack

A 4 to 6 month pass to get you up & running

You want to work closely with a professional, to define and set-up the strategy and the tools you need to accelerate success in your art business?

Smart Green Pack
Smart Green Pack

A full range of services A la Carte to get you flying

You want to tackle specific topics, draw up a customized action plan and/or develop a relationship with someone who can really help you up-level your art business?

Any questions? Contact us!

I will be happy to clarify any questions
you might have or any topics you are interested in.

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